Minister Recommends Extra One Year Of Re-schooling For University Graduates

Minister of State for Education, Prof. Anthony Anwukah recommends that students of Nigeria Universities Spend extra year after graduation to enhance their chances of employments after graduation. More Details inside post


This is to bring to the general public and the students all over Nigeria, that the Minister of State for Education, Prof. Anthony Anwukah recommends extra one for students in specialized institutions after graduation to make them employable.

The Proposal was Made during an ongoing Retreat for Governing Councils of Nigerian Federal Universities, organized by the National Universities Commission (NUC) with the theme, “Elements of Statutory Governance, Procurement and Financial Accounting in Nigerian Universities.”



The Minister of state for Education gave reasons for his recommendations, According to him, he said the industrial training that was introduced into the University system to bridge this gap has failed in doing that.

Therefore making many graduates not qualified enough to be employed in any industries or firms, and also he quote that  “Law students attend Law School for one year before going for NYSC and medical students go for one year Houseman ship before they are allowed to practice fully, so it will be necessary for other courses to also go through this process,”

He Also suggested that The Lagos Business School can also serve as a one year after-school training.

The Professor of Developmental Education, University of Abuja, Prof Salisu Ingawa said reacted to Prof. Anthony Anwukah that his suggestion is not the solution, and also said it may take a very long time to be implemented and that it may never work due to the fact that it will be cost intensive.

Professor of communication at Bayero University Kano, (BUK) Prof Umaru Pate bought the idea of the Minister of State for Education, but went ahead to say that implementing it will be tough. As he gave his reasons that the companies to employ these graduates after the extra one year re-schooling may not be available. Therefore causing more tension in the country

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