Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) Entrance Examination Date and Subject Combinations – 72nd Regular Course [UPDATED]

Up-to-date: The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) Screening Test scheduled to hold on 30 May 2020 as indicated on the application portal for 72 Regular Course has been changed. Due to the outbreak of CORONAVIRIUS pandemic and the following measures put in place by the Federal Government to stop the spread through interstate lockdown and limit travels, the Screening Test is hereby postponed. Immediately the current situation improves new date for the Test will be communicated in due course Candidates are advised to check the portal frequently for a new date. The School authority regrets the new development due to the pandemic


NDA entrance examination date and subjects selection for qualified candidates that applied for the 72nd regular course admission.

Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) Entrance Examination Date and Subject Combinations
Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) Entrance Examination Date and Subject Combinations


Candidates that have completed and submitted their applications are invited to the NDA Entrance Examination.


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NOTE: The NDA Entrance Examination for 72 Regular Course is scheduled to hold on Saturday, 30 May, 2020.

Successful Candidates who applied to Nigerian Defence Academy and scored a minimum of 180 (One Hundred and Eighty) in UTME are advised to visit application portal on the NDA website to select the examination centre of their choice and print out their examination card

NDA Entrance Examination Subjects Combinations.

    • Candidates for FASS. Candidates for FASS are to answer all questions in any THREE of the following subjects that are applicable to the candidate’s chosen course:
      (1) Mathematics – (Compulsory for Psychology candidates).
      (2) Economics.
      (3) Geography.
      (4) History.
      (5) Government.
      (6) French.
      (7) Biology – (Compulsory for Psychology candidates).
    • Applicants for Sciences. Candidates for courses in Faculty of Science are to answer questions as follows

(1) Mathematics (Mathematics and any 2 of Physics, Chemistry and Economics).

(2)Physics (Physics and any 2 of Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology).

(3) Chemistry (Chemistry and any 2 of Physics, Biology and Mathematics).
(4) Biology (Biology and any 2 of Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics).

  • Candidates for Engineering. Candidates for the Faculty of Engineering are to answer ALL questions in the 3 subjects listed below:

(1) Mathematics.
(2) Physics.
(3) Chemistry.

  • Candidates for Military Science and Interdisciplinary Studies. Candidates for Intelligence & Cyber Security Studies are to answer the following:
    (1) Mathematics
    (2) Physics and
    (3) Anyone of Biology, Chemistry or Economics.
    Note: Only those with duly printed Examination Card will be admitted into the various centres for the test.

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